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You are looking at the second issue of ‘Manthan’ released by BiharBrains Sc holastic Center (BBSC) Patna, an international forum of educated people of Bihar who lives in different parts of India and abroad (NRIs) and wish to take an active part in t he development process of their country of origin. For details you are free to visit our website ( ).
As you know, this magazine has been started with the objectives of making a pool of educated people who can readily share their knowledge, want to publ ish their papers/ articles which may be beneficial for the mass and can be applied in our daily life.
Based on the suggestions and comments by the mem bers of the forum and regular feedback of online readers of the magazine, efforts have been taken in the direction of making this issue ‘good looking and reader’s friendly’. This issue of magazine has be en divided into many sections so as readers can access articles from their own section of interest, and also they can get facility of free online access of the magazine.
The Science & Technology section is a major focused area of the magazine where our contributors have presented/ shared some of their experi ences, ideas or have communicated about the development and research in some frontier areas of Biotechnology, Bionanotechnology Astrophysics, Chemistry, Computers, Ecology and Renewable Energy Sources etc.
In the development section, the developmental proj ects started by various trust and societies have been highlighted. Also, the perceptions of the certain individual on the issue of development as well as some important initiatives taken by the Government of India has made its place in the magazine. In the news and breakthrough section, some arti cles also include the facts and figures of New Scientist, Scientific American, Hindu and other sour ces. We do feel that the collection of these breakthroughs will help the concer ned researchers as well as buddi ng scientists, who wish to gather information about the recent advancement in the said field.

We are introducing one special section For NRIs . Here, NRIs can write their own experiences and impart knowledge about life and living of country where they live. We do expect, this may become most informative section for our readers and they can gain knowledge about the society, culture and their lifestyle.
As the number and quality of articles increased, we intend to build on this momentum, and to ensure that we publish only papers that describe meaningful advances. Ultimately, we strive to make Manthan an essential source for all peoples.
We solicit your reactions/ comments/ suggestions in the mailbox and expect that with your help and support in future this magazine will grow into a viable/ versatile platform.

Bibhuti Bikramditya,Chief Editor

Editorial Board

Prof S. P. Verma
Dr. Sudhir Ranjan
Dr. Manis Kumar Jha
Mr. Alok Kumar Jha
Dr. Mohammad Abul Farah
Mr. Shabi Hashmi




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