Living in Korea

Minakshi Bikramaditya, Daejeon, South Korea

This is my first experience of visiting any foreign land on 3rd April, 2006 with my husband Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya. After landing at Incheon Airport which is one of the top 5 airports in the world, I found myself in a different world. I was stunned after having a look to this beautiful & ultra modern country. It was spring season when I came here. While traveling from Incheon airport to my house at Daejeon city of Korea, I saw six lane roads, only cars and buses on these roads, flowers were blooming all along the roadside, bus was passing by tunnels and islands. That scenic beauty was soothing my eyes. The Daejeon city (one of the metropolitan city of Korea) is around 250 km from the Incheon airport but what a magic,, Bus which was air-conditioned took only 2 hrs to reach at the destination. Though we were tired because of 8 hours long flight journey, we didn’t find any jerk in the bus.
As soon as We reached at house in apartment provided by the company, I found house well equipped with all modern facilities, like electronic room heaters cooking gases pipeline, Freeze, air conditioner, washing machines and very amazing thing was that everywhere electronic sensors, I can not enter my house without giving password to the main gate of apartment but if you are coming from house, main gate was automatically opened. Looking all these things in a very first day, I was surprised; I found myself as if I am in a wonder land.
Within few weeks, I got time to visit Seoul by KTX the fastest train of Korea and second fastest after Japanese Rail which runs at 300 km per hour and it took only 50 minutes to reach from Daejeon to Seoul. Seoul which is capital city of Korea is a beautiful where it seems half of the population runs under the subways. They developed subway in a much planned way. I was thinking how they maintain these three storey subway under the earth, every one leads fast life. Everywhere I saw use of CCTV, not only in the govt offices and companies but also on the roads to control traffic systems, “Big-big TVs” on every “chauk –chauraha” ,every nook and corners. There was my marriage party in one Indian restaurant called “Chakra” which is at famous place; you can say foreigner’s land of Seoul called Itaewon. And we decided to go by Taxi; I saw taxi equipped with many places in India. He explained his experience while traveling tourist places in India particularly “Taj Mahal of Agra, places of New Delhi, Mahal of Jaipur and Varanasi etc more than this, he also sang India’s national anthem “Jan Gan Man Adhinayak Jay Hey Bharat Bhagya Vidhata”. I


telephones, wireless, Air conditioners, TVs, Radios and more than this they were using GSM which was automatically showing the path where we had to go. In India, people now started to think to implement GSM at specific places, but here it is common. By seeing all this, I was thinking

“Kash Bharat Ka Bhi Har Shahar Aisa Hi Hota”.

Now I am living here for 6 months and let me give you some information about people and their lifestyles.

In my view, Korea is an ultra modern country. Korean people are very polite, co-operative in nature. Even though they do not understand much English, they put their whole effort to help foreigners. They have a rich work culture. They toil very hard. And the most important thing that I noticed is, there is not much difference between the poor & the rich. Middle class people constitute the major population of Korea. Each hand has a job. Every people enjoy his weekends with family and friends at places like beaches, resorts, islands etc. There are many islands; Jeju Island is very popular among them because of beautiful beaches, village folks, strange caves and beautiful resorts. Korean Govt wants to develop this island as best tourist spots and also commercial center of Korea like HONGKONG.

Buddhism & Christianity are the two major religions here. But many Koreans do not believe in any religion. Churches are very frequent. You can find one church after a distance 100 m but Buddha temple are located over mountains. It is very hard to climb over those Rocky Mountains. The popularity of Budhism is decreasing day by day.

Koreans have good respect for Indians not only because of Buddhism but also because of our talents and intelligent brains. They are very much curious to know about our culture, lifestyle and religious fervor.
I have met many Koreans who visited India. There was one incident happened with me that I never forget. It took place in Itaewon. I was walking through subway when I met that boy. He said me hello. When I answered him then he asked me “where are u from?” he seems happy after hearing that I am from India. He told me that he has visited was overwhelmed by hearing our national anthem from a foreigner’s mouth. About the Author: Mrs. Minakshi Bikramaditya is house wife living at Daejeon city of South korea.


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