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India to open its first chip fab

India’s first semiconductor assembly and test plant will open in Hyderabad by the end of the year and will eventually expand into a full fabrication facility.


The plant is a joint venture between a Semindia, a consortium and the Indian government, says researcher iSuppli. The plant will be built in two phases. The first phase will cost $1 billion for chip assembly and testing facility. The second phase, which will cost $2 billion, will involve the building of a fabrication plant which will be finished by 2008. AMD has entered into an agreement with Semindia that covers the manufacturing, technology licensing and business development of AMD’s x86 microprocessors in India. Semindia will also be able to license AMD’s process technology and will work with AMD on joint development of new semiconductor designs. The plant will focus on niche semiconductor products and will supply eight to 10 customers including AMD, says iSuppli Source:

US-Based Indian Engineer Honored With Hind Ratan Award

United States based engineer Mr. Asif Rashidi (Shibli), was honored with the prestigious Hind Ratan Award in recognition of his outstanding services, achievement and professional excellence by shri G.M.C.Balyogi,speaker,lok "Manthan-AFI award is a first of its kind initiative in India to recognise the best practices in en-content and creativity and sponsord by digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) in partnership with World Summit Award and American India Foundation, a body formed by Indian diaspora," said Osama Manzar, founder and director of DEF.

A brainchild of Infogate Exporters Private Limited, a city-based software company, this portal is the only websity prompting Bhojpuri culture.

The portal bagged the top position in the award ceremony followed by populer travel portal-and a venture of ABP Private Limited.

The e-culture award was given to websites preserving a cultural heritage by demonstrating culture assests clearly and informatively using modern technology.

"The winners of this prestigious award automatically qualify for the UN World Summit Award next year in Geneva," added Manzar. "It's a matter of great pride for the entire Bhojpuri community spread across all the world to be recognise same by such an esteemade panal of jury," said Sudhir Kumar, director of Infogate Exporters

Source: hedpure/story_6578336.asp Bihar will be a Developed State by 2015,promises Nitish

patna,Aug 10 (pti):Resolving to make Bihar a "Developed State" by 2015,Chief Minister Nitish Kumar On Wednesday said the NDA Government receive the new Scholor Award.

Source: "d was committed to making life better for people living below the poverty line. Speaking at a function organized by the All India Freedom Fighters' Association on the occasion of the 64th anniversary of the "Quit India Movement", Kumar said efforts were being made to make India "a developed nation" by 2020, 'but Bihar will be able to attain the status of a developed State five years ahead of it". TI to open new research unit in Inda

Microchip giant Texas Instruments said on Wednesday it plans to expand its research and Development presence in India by Opening a new facility in the southern city of Chennai, an upcoming technology hub. The Dallas-based firm already has a research unit in Bangalore, India's tech capital, one of the first to be set up in India by a multinational firm more than two decades ago.

The new unit would be close to the Chennai manufacturing plants of major customers, such as handset giant Nokia and Flextronics. The city is also home to Indian Institute of Technology, a globally recognized engineering college. The Bangalore facility has been an integral part of the company's efforts to develop a single chip housing all the functionalities of a phone, a development that would cut costs. India has set a target of 250 million telephone users by 2007, and currently has 104 million Wireless customers.
Apart from a booming telecommunications market, it is also a globally feted hub for software services. A growing tribe of Companies such as motorolla and ABN Amro Bank Get Millions Of Dollers Worth of Software Developed in india dollars worth of software developed in India.

Despite spectacular growth, spurred by the lowest mobile call rates in the world, mobile penetration in a billion-plus population is only about 10 percent as networks are still largly city_centric.

"Today, there is a huge opportunity to connect the unconnected as the majority of India's population does not have access to communications services," he said.


will become a reality after all. Little nano lawnmowers would drive up each grass blad and cut it off and cut it off and keep it at constant heaight ,that would be a life


Paswan Promises to Bring an IISER in Bihar

Tokyo, Japan: Raj Kishore Prasad a member of BiharBrains Tokiyo as a reprasentative of BiharBrains met Hon'ble Union Minister for fertilizers and In the last week of July, 2006 Dr. Chemicals and Steel Sri Ram Vilas Paswan Four season hotel at Tokyo who came here an official visit with delegations He discussed issue of an IISER (Indian Institute of Science for Education and Research) for Bihar. He also submitted memorandum in support of the demand of IISERin Bihar. Fortunately, despite his very hectic schedule, he agreed and and promised to all possible effort in bring IISER into Bihar


BAJANA signed first NRI investment MoU with Jharkhand CM ,Sri Arjun Munda

S unday, July 23, 2006 – NewYork, USA BAJANA hosted a luncheon meeting for visititng jharkhand cheif Minister,Mr.Arjun Munda and
Bihar's tiny school is churning out IIT-ians R ediff, August 16, 2006: Every April,Some 230,000 Indian Youths sharpen their pencil pencil and sheetr for the intensily compitetive entrance exam to the indian institute of technology (IITs)--the seven prestigious schools that train India's top-notch engineers and entrepreneurs. After the grueling six-hour test, only 5,000 students are offered a place in the IITs.

Most come from middle-class backgrounds and prepare for the exams through private coaching. But in the past few years, a small group of disperately poor,talented students have made it into the IITs, thanks to the Ramanujan School of Mathematics. The school, named after a famous Indian mathematician, is even more intense than the IITs themselves. located in patna,the capital in bihar,one of the india's least developed states,the Ramanujan School trains just 30 students a year to take the IIT exam.

Anand Kumar, 33, a local mathematician, and Abhayanand, 52, Patna's deputy director general of police and a lover os physics,founded the school in 2003 to help promising locals get ahead in the caste_based society.

they scored Bihar

They scored Bihar's least privileged communities for 30 bright students to coach for the exam, providing free lessons and housing.they call their group the super 30." intelligence is not birthspecific,"says Abhayanand. In the first year, 16 of the group made it into the IITs. The next year, 22 made it. "This year," Kumar says confidently, "all 30 will get into the IITs."

Santosh Kumar, 19 (no relation to Anand Kumar), is one of this year's Super 30, and his story is typical of his classmates He's classmets.His Dumari,a village in the Bihata district,about 22 miles from patna.

Nearly all the village's 3,000 residents scratch out meager livings as farmers. Santosh's sister and three brothers studied up to 10th grade but then return to then to the feild ."stuying further required

Understandin the roll of master regulators

YOUNG ACHIEVER: M. Madan babu is a group Leader at the Laboratory of Molicular Biology at the university of cambridge UK.



Sabha in a function organized by the NRI Welfare Society of India held at New Delhi on 25th January 2002. He is originally from Biharsarif dist of Bihar in India.


Altogether 30 NRIs from all over the world in various fields were selected on the Republic Day by the society for their outstanding services, achievements and contribution in diversified fields.Mr. Rashidi, in his address, called upon the Government of India to look into the problem of NRIs willing to invest in India but were hesitant to do so due to the bureaucratic red-tape in the country. Mr. Rashidi stressed the need for paying more attention by the Government of India in an attempt to build confident amongst NRIs. Several key leaders also addressed the large gathering including Shri K. C. Pant, Deputy Chairman Planning Commission, Sri. Shivraj Patil, M.P. & Dy. Leader of Congress in Lok Sabha; Dr. Bhishma Narain Singh, Former Governor and President of the NRI Society; Shri I. D. Swami, Union Minister for State for Home Affairs All distinguished speakers commended the contributions made by the NRIs in India’s economic resurgence and progress.


Bhojpuri site bags award

Jamsedpur,Aug.6:, a Bhojpuri portal, won the prestigious Manthan-American Foundation of India (Manthan-AFI) award in e-culture category at a function held at the NCUI Auditorium in new delhi on saturday. Regretting the Opposition allegation of non-development, he asked the leaders of Oppostion parties to go thrugh tenders being advertised evryday in newspapers for devlopment project.
"We will start the development work on a war-footing after the rainy season," he asserted.
below the poverty line, Kumar admitted that most of the villages still did not have metalled roads, electricity and sufficient drinking water." we have taken up the challenge and we will get all these civic problems solved very soon," he claimed.
Asserting that there was a marked improvement in the law and order situation in Bihar, Chief Minister said, "The rule of law is visible in the state now." The meeting adopted a resolution seeking to declare families of freedom fighters as 'family of nation' in recognation of there contribution to freedom Source:

Docter Recieves prized Ellison Medical Scholar Award

San Antonio, TX: July 22 2006 D r. RaviRanjan, a researcher at the Health science centere at san antonia,texas ,has been honord with Ellison Medical Foundation New Scholr Award for his outstanding resurch in the field of brain moleculer changes that reuces once ability to learn and remember as one ages.


the recipient of a $200,000 grant,Dr.Ranjan, ph.D that one of the three texes scientist to Patna Software Park soonb (LEAD)

the personal to set up the park was mooted during the erstwhile Rabri Devi government in 2004.

Bihar Science and Technology Minister Anil Kumar Sinha said the STPI would be built at a cost of Rs.300 million on three_acre land.

The park, expected to boost the nascent software industry in the state, would be fully functional in a year and would offer high-speed Internet connection besides state_of_the_aret equipment, Sinha said.

Bihar set up a state-run software technology park three years ago.


Nanotechnology: World's Smallest Car

Sun,23 Oct 2005:Scientist at Rice University Have built the world's smallest car. The car has a length of 3nm and a width of rolls on buckyballs, which consist of 60 atoms pure carbon formed like a sphere.


the Movement of the nanocar is controlled by elctricfeilds. may be the visin of nano robots cutting my lawn his team on Sunday, July 23 at the residence of Drs.Arvind and Chitra Kumar.BAJANA President, Mr. Birendra Kumar greeted the visiting and local dignatories, including Congressman, Frank Palone and exhorted the community to come together and work for common good for our people in this country as well as back home in India. The Chief Minister spoke about the progress and opportunities in his young and "Organic" state and asked for help in the field of health care and agriculture. His government has taken initiative to provide about 250 acres of land to open a "Health Park" near Ranchi to house a multi-specialty hospital and residential complex.

The Special Secretary to Jharkhand CM, Mr. R.N.Sharma highlighted the investment opportunities in Health Care services


The meeting culminated with sining of a Mou for opening a state of the art specialized cancer care centre in ranchi,jharkhand which will provide screening,diagnosis Jand treatment of all kinds of cancer. Such facility only exists in select cities in India and would help the people of Jharkhand and neighboring states who otherwise had to make trips to bigger cities like Mumbai for diagnosis and treatment. Several dozen BJANA members attended the event and had an opportunity to discuss about ideas /projects for state of Jharkhand.

Source: money, so that was that," he says. Santosh wanted more. His school had no roof, no doors, and no teachers half the time, but he borrowed books and tutored two young students for 70 cents a month. He also sold vegetables the family cultivated in a nearby market town.

"I didn't even know which subjects I was good at, and I'd certainly never heard of IIT. No one had,"he says Then an eighth-grade teacher noticed his mathematical talent and encouraged him to study further

Santosh saw that "education was the only way out of poverty," he says. At first, he planned to study so he could become an officer in the indian civil service. After high school, he enrolled in the patna college of commerce, and then the heard abut in the IIts and the super 30.--free ,"santosh recalls.

For seven months, Santosh studied every morning for four hours, then sat down for a three-hour test in math, physics,and chemisry,and after the break in studied three more hour.

From six to nine in the evening, he attended a class in the same subjects and prepared for the next day's test until 2 a.m. His work paid of last spring,when he won a covetedseat at the IIT IN Kharagpur, near Calcutta. (He ranked 3,537 out of the 5,000 students chosen.) Santosh now aims to earn a doctorate in chemistry and become an inventor. His hero is APJ Abdul Kalam, India's current President and father of the nation's missile program. Just as important, Santosh is on track to becoming the first person from Dumari to graduate from a university, making him a hero in the eyes of his village.




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